Q: Is my personal information protected with you?
A: Any personal information that you provide to SLDLB is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: What if I already belong to an opportunity on the SLDLB list?
A: If you already belong to an opportunity on the SLDLB list & wish to just keep that account then all you have to do is add your current username in your SLDLB members’ area.  You do not have to sign up for another account.

Q: How much does it cost to be a Step Ladder Downline Builder (SLDLB) member?
A: Nothing.  SLDLB is a FREE service, so there are no commissions to pay.  You earn commissions from the long term, high income opportunities found in your SLDLB members area.

Q: Do I get paid by SLDLB?
No.  Same answer as above.

Q: How much can I earn from the SLDLB system?
 There really is no limit.  The more people you refer that join the opportunities the more you will earn.

Q: Am I guaranteed to make a profit?
Of course not.  You are never "guaranteed" success with ANY home business opportunity!  It's a "home business", not a "job."  And anyone who does guarantee you'll make a profit is simply lying to you!  But SLDLB has designed a professional system that is absolutely FREE to our members.  The opportunities we recommend have very low entrance/monthly qualification costs.  But your earning potential with this system is tremendous!  SLDLB minimizes your expenses and maximizes your earning potential!

Q: Will I get credit for people that join my SLDLB Biz from my SLDLB site URL?
Of course! Your ID# will be used even if the person you refer doesn't sign-up immediately. Through the use of a cookie, your ID# will be stored in the web browser of all visitors you bring to your site.

Q: Can I add my own opportunity to the main SLDLB site?
You are allowed to add 2 of your own opportunities to your site as recommendations to your prospects/team.  If you would like to see your recommended opportunity on the permanent SLDLB website feel free to email us with the info.  We will evaluate it & see if it passes the criteria to go on the SLDLB site.  If accepted, your username/ID# will be the default username/ID#.

Q: Why should I promote Step Ladder Downline Builder when I'm trying to get more traffic and signups to my primary opportunity?
A: Many people make the mistake of advertising a primary opportunity (with their referral url) that simply leads to a long sales page or website.  The visitors to this site only have one option - and that is to buy your primary product.  What if these visitors decide not to buy?  You’ve lost them forever!!!  Shouldn’t you be able to capture their information and follow-up with them - or invite them to look at something else?  Shouldn't you be able to earn money even if they don't join your primary opportunity?

You can, but NOT if you are promoting your primary opportunity's website that simply leads to that sales page.  Also, if you are promoting your primary opportunity directly many people will not be interested because they are just out there promoting their opportunity as well.  Get the picture?

Here’s a little statistic… TARGETED visitors sent directly to a sales page or general website will convert on the high end of 2-3%.  TARGETED visitors sent directly to a lead capture page or free website will convert on the high end of 40-60% (depends on the quality of the visitors).

Have you thought about the huge value you receive when you refer someone to SLDLB?  This person will join ALL of your opportunities underneath you, including your primary opportunity if you have one (remember: you are allowed to add 2 of your own) as long as you both follow the steps found on the SLDLB website!  You will create more leverage through multiple streams of income than you can imagine.  SLDLB is the fastest way to wealth.  That is why you promote your SLDLB capture page URL & NOT your primary opportunity's URL.  Heck, you don’t even NEED a “primary” opportunity.  SLDLB IS your primary opportunity.  Nobody receives MAJOR success without the use of a system.  Everyone receives huge results with our system!

Q: Are the opportunities in a specific order?
 Absolutely!  These steps & opportunities have been listed in a specific order.  Joining the opportunities in the order listed will only help your downline follow you.  If you or your downline don’t join in the order listed then your downline may be scattered all over the place with different sponsors in those opportunities.  So for you & your team’s sake, stick to the order & complete EACH step before moving on.  After all, duplication is key!

Q: Can I email my downline?
A: Your SLDLB member’s area does not offer a downline emailer.  However, your direct referrals’ emails are listed in your “Stats” area.  You can click on them directly to send individual emails.

Or you can send them an email to join your mailing list that you can set up in AIOP.  Simply create a capture page to send them to & an autoresponder list so you can send periodic “broadcasts”.

DO NOT SPAM them.  Since members receive a notification for each member directly sponsored, contact should be from your own private email account or AIOP if they have subscribed to your list.  Anyone found sending spam or abusing SLDLB, will be suspended.  Please see the next question…

Q: What can I email to those I sponsor?
A: You can NOT promote outside opportunities to your SLDLB team.  You can only email them anything that has to do with SLDLB.  If you want to promote an outside opportunity then add that opportunity to your recommendation list on your SLDLB site.  That way it’s not an “outside” opportunity. wink

Please understand that SLDLB is a simple system that helps you advertise your SLDLB opportunities for free in order to earn money.  It really does not get much easier than this.  Therefore, sending a welcome message, updating them on SLDLB opportunities, personal (non-business) notes and letting those you sponsor know they can contact you if they have questions, is about it.  Feel free to email your individual members using your own personal/business email address or AIOP.

Q: Can I send an email invitation to join my separate mailing list that promotes outside opportunities?
A: Yes. But please do NOT SPAM.  Do the right thing & be courteous & truthful.  Explain (truthfully) what your list is about.  If they don’t join it, they don’t join it.  Don’t keep sending repeat emails bugging them to join your “outside” list.  Anyone found sending spam or abusing their SLDLB email list will be suspended.

Of course if they do join your “outside” list then you can send whatever you want.  But again, as their SLDLB sponsor, you represent SLDLB. Do the right thing & be courteous.

Q: What about tools?
The tools are one of the main criteria for choosing the SLDLB opportunities.  You can find tools in many of the opportunities in your SLDLB members’ area.  Including: Web hosting, an autoresponder with unlimited follow-ups & subscribers, splash/squeeze page builder, trackers, page rotator, WordPress plugins, advertising, E-Books, online video courses, & more.

Q: Can anyone join?
As long as you are 18 years of age. Yes.

Q: Can I participate in the program if I live outside of the US?
Yes, we welcome International members.

Q: Do I have to refer anyone to make money?
A: There are no commissions earned with SLDLB.  Therefore, there is no requirement for you to personally refer anyone.  However, while most of the opportunities in your SLDLB member’s area have no requirement for you to personally refer, some do including our first opportunity, All In One Profits.  It uses an “even up” system.  Therefore you must personally refer at least 1 person in order to earn a commission.

Remember this - SLDLB was designed to help people LEARN how to make money with multiple income streams & teamwork & to maximize member's earnings who have trouble gaining referrals.  If you don't refer you MUST be patient because you will be depending on your upline to do all the work for you.  If you are relying on your upline or sponsor to do ALL the work for you it will take longer.  In fact, it may NEVER happen.

Those who refer others will make more.  A lot more with some of the opportunity’s matching bonuses.  This is why we highly recommend referring at least 4.  Not only will you earn more, but it’s what will help keep the SLDLB system stepping.  Don’t be lazy!!!  Get to work!!!

Q: How do I refer someone?
Easy.  Just go to “Promotional Center” in your SLDLB members’ area and you will find your referral link, banners and solo ads that you can use.  Make sure to "copy and paste" your referral link as it must be exact in order for it to work properly.

You can advertise anywhere & everywhere including in the programs found in “Traffic Exchanges, Mailers & More!”  Don’t forget to add your program ID’s to those programs (optional).

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: No. We do not suggest anyone doing that.  There is no need for it.  Get one position & build it.  This will create more "synergy".  Getting multiple SLDLB memberships is just redundant.

Q: Which Payment Processors do the opportunities accept?
 Please visit each opportunity to see which various processors are accepted.  Processors may include Credit Cards, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, OKpay, PerfectMoney, Payoneer, Paxum, Payeer, Skrill & Bitcoin.

Q: Do I have to join all of the SLDLB opportunities?
The Step Ladder system is a series of steps that are designed to get you to the next opportunity as quickly as possible.  It may be a simple upgrade within that opportunity or it may be to join the next opportunity on the list.

You start with “Step 1” by joining the very first opportunity on the list.  Then you refer at least 4 people.  Then you help them do the same.  When you’ve completed Step 1 move on to “Step 2”.  And so on.  These steps & opportunities have been listed in a specific order.  So for you & your team’s sake, stick to the order & complete ALL steps before moving on.  After all, duplication is key!

Your SLDB income will continue to grow higher & higher with each step you take.  And the higher the steps, the more speed and momentum your income will pick up along the way!

Q. I'm not getting any emails from SLDLB, why?
A. This is because you are probably using an email that is hard for our system to get into your Inbox. We HIGHLY recommend switching to a free Gmail account for maximum deliverability.  Also make sure to add us to your friends list in your email account so no messages mistakenly go to spam. When you get your new email account, change the old one in your SLDLB members’ area in your "Personal Info" page, then save it.

Q. How do I change my SLDLB contact email address?
A. Please contact us using the contact form.

Q: Have a question you'd like us to add to our FAQ… or just have something to say?
Great - we would love to consider it.  Please use the contact form to submit your question/suggestion.